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Chapter 42 teaser

Paris hates cars.  This bonus chapter of French License diverges from my personal story and touches on a societal phenomenon, that of punishing car owners for every sin under the sun.  Nowhere is this trend more prevalent than in Paris.  The capital is riddled with land mines blowing up in driver’s faces everywhere they go.  A license plate is an invitation to a firing squad, with the mayor shouting your death knell.

You think I’m exaggerating?  Read this chapter to discover the facts.

Further reading for residents: 40 millions d’automobilistes

Update August 29- things are getting hotter under the mayor’s throne…

Everybody is incensed at the mayor.  Hidalgo has arbitrarily done a land grab of streets and lanes, taking them away from cars, without consulting citizens, businesses that need to have goods delivered, commuters, or even the police who worry about being slowed down, or completely cutoff from coming to the aid of people.  Her way of doing things has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.  A book will be released this week detailing her actions and reactions: Notre-Drame de Paris, by Airy Routier and Nadia Le Brun.  No wonder Airy Routier is against her.  Hidalgo is anti-car, and ‘routier’ means ‘truck driver.’

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous

    Is Bleu from Paris, or California?

    • JSauthor JSauthor

      Although Bleu was born in California, his owners have been cramming to learn the language of Voltaire so they can communicate with their French bulldog 😉 You can use this forum to send him a message.

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