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Back to school in France coincides with the Rentrée littéraire, which is when most new books are released.  It’s a vibrant period with events, signings, speeches and readers go wild with purchases, discovering new writers.  In that spirit, I’m beginning a countdown to the rentrée.

There are about as many chapters in French License as there are days ’til then.  So, each day, I’ll give you a peek into the contents of a chapter.  This should help new readers discover the book.  The sample only covers the first 5% of the book, the set-up.  More of the juicy bits happen in the middle, then building to a climax at the end.  The 42 chapters cover a decade of foibles.  The countdown hors d’oeuvres should help you decide if you’d like a feast of French License on your table.


Thank you!

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