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Ch. 15 teaser

France has more Radar speed cameras than any country in Europe, maybe in the world.  The fines from these cameras generate more revenues than any other state.  That’s because they flash for the smallest bit over the speed limit, which is impossible for the most careful driver to respect all the time.  In France, the limit can change four times in the space of 1 kilometre.  Radar money, indeed auto money, has become such a big part of the budget of the French state that they have become dependent on it.  So, while the radar cameras haven’t prevented road fatalities from increasing for the last four years IN A ROW, the response has been to release even MORE radars.

What is a populace to do facing this problem?  This chapter of French License sizes up the menace, shows what people are doing about it, and offers  what could be much more effective solutions to increase road safety.

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