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now at Passion Automobile

What an appropriate place to start for a car book!  French License is now available for purchase at the Passion Automobile bookstore in Paris.  They’re owned by ETAI, which produces automotive manuals and guides.  It’s a treasure-trove of stylish coffee-table books from the golden age of motoring.  If you’re passionate about a certain brand, like Morgan or Bugatti, or style, like convertible, they’re certain to have it there.  Raphaël behind the counter is very helpful, and speaks a bit of English.

It’s near the Luxembourg Gardens and the Saint Sulpice church.  Take the métro line 4 and exit St-Sulpice (or take M° 12 to the Rennes station).  Now would be a good time.  They just opened for the day.

Librairie Passion Automobile

83 rue de Rennes, 75006 Paris

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