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now at Belgravia Books

London can be loud.  Even in the parks the constant hum of busses and taxis circling remind that you’re not alone.  Side streets are often more peaceful, where you can do your thing without distraction.

Conveniently close to Victoria station, but miles from the hustle and bustle, is an oasis called Belgravia Books.  This is a place which invites you to stay a while.  Translated thrillers fresh off the foreign presses await you.  Essays make you think and travel tomes take you away.  You can tell the purveyors know about every one of their wares.  Notes and recommendations are next to many titles.  Posts on their blog help you make your list before going there.

Maybe you fancy a comical tale of cross-cultural confusion?  If so, why not tick French License in your basket?  They now carry it at this book store!

Belgravia Books and Gallic Books

59​ ​Ebury​ ​Street,​ ​London​ ​SW1W​ ​0NZ

Victoria tube​

+44 207 259​ ​9336

Monday – Friday: 9:30am – 6pm
Saturday: 11am – 6pm

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