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Paris Beer Week: six pack for the road

La Gitane is the smokiest beer I’ve ever tasted and liked. A bit more smoke, and I’d a set down me glass. Still, very original, and something I’d turn to again once the weather got colder.

Brasserie La Baleine

17 Rue Henri Duvernois
75020 Paris, France

You can taste this beermaker and many more at Paris Beer Week. Go to the website and check out the events through Sunday.


Hard as it may be to believe, I don’t spend all of my time seeking out new beers to taste. There are still some craft breweries in the area I’ve yet to try.

Here are some from the Paris region that I haven’t yet tasted, but they’re on my wish list:

Volcelest  authentic non-fermented beer

brasserie de la vallée de Chevreuse

28 rue du Roseau
78610 Le Perray en Yvelines


Brasserie de la Reine






Brasserie BapBap

79 rue Saint-Maur,  Paris 75011

Métro : Rue Saint-Maur, ligne 3

Nos bières


Brasserie La Goutte d’Or

28 rue de la Goutte d’Or, 75018 Paris

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