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Album #4 of 10 albums which marked my life

Album #4: Foreigner 4, 1981

The drumbeat on Urgent was so simple I thought I might be able to play it.

So my 12-year-old self got my dusty drum set out of the closet, where it had been put away since the Christmas I turned seven years old. I could always control my hands on the sticks pretty well and every once in a while keep the beat one with my right foot at the appropriate moment. But I could never get the hang of the left foot high hat while the three other limbs were doing their thing. I ran the cassette of Urgent over and over again while I played along.

After what seemed like an hour it all clicked, I was finally a drummer who could play with four limbs at once! 

I took out the cassette and smashed it with my foot. I always hated Foreigner.

This is in response to a challenge from Alain Cournoyer of the Homebuddies to post 10 albums which marked my life in ten days.

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