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Album #8 of 10 albums which marked my life

This is in response to a challenge from Alain Cournoyer of the Homebuddies to post 10 albums which marked my life in ten days. 

I challenge Dan Vuletich, not only because he has a vast knowledge of music, and a degree to prove it, but today’s his birthday. Also, it was his brother, Tom, who introduced me to jazz, pointing me to the all-time great recordings.

Album #8: Dave Brubeck Quartet Time Out 1959

I grew up thinking nothing good ever came out of my hometown. It was a sprawling suburb bereft of charm.

In my early 20s I was introduced to jazz and instantly fell in love with this album. I’d never heard rhythms like that before. It was like a five Legged horse going by and I could actually get on top and ride this complicated beast. And Paul Desmond‘s sweet saxophone making the whole thing melodic and magical. It was something like a decade later before I found out the Dave Brubeck grew up in Concord California just like me.

The damn town should have made a statue of the man, named streets after him, or the Concord Pavillion the ‘Brubeck Pavillion.’ Ungrateful bastards!

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