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Album #9 of 10 albums which marked my life

Album #9: Joni Mitchell Blue 1971

What? A GIRL on this list? I was surprised as well, in my mid-20s, when a male friend turned me on to her. He said her early albums were the equal of her all-male counterparts. I was incredulous. How could that be? But as I listened, I agreed with him. I couldn’t believe my ears. Here was musicianship, and songwriting, and complex melodies that were rich and intelligent and generous. And she sang with such feeling, and soul, in a way I’d never heard before. Blue is simply a masterpiece, and was my introduction to Joni Mitchell. California is an anthem for all those who come from there, and those lost souls who find a home there, like this Canadian singer/songwriter/musician. See, Alain Cournoyer, I managed to get two Canadian groups on my list!

This is in response to a challenge from Alain Cournoyer of the Homebuddies to post 10 albums which marked my life in ten days. 

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