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Hierarchy of French Compliments

When you do something well, or you make a salient comment in the US, where I’m from, you can hear all sorts of positive feedback. From “well said” to “atta-boy” to “great job,” and so on.

Not in France. You may be wondering, ‘how do you know when you’ve earned esteem in the eyes of a French person?’ This list aims to help. It goes from neutral (#10), to exceptional effusive and hearty approval (#1)

Hierarchy of Compliments in France: 



8)”c’est du pareil au même”  

7)”ça m’est égal” 

6)”Mouais…” (ou ‘oui, mais’)

5)”C’est pas con, ça”

4)”Pas idiot”

3)”Pas mal”

2)”Pas mal de tout”

1)”Rien à dire”

When they tell you ‘nothing to say,’ you know you’ve reached the top and you won’t get any higher praise from a French person 🙂

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