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Teevee Start

🥁This week I appeared on a talk show on the TV78 📺channel broadcast to the Yvelines region where my ⚜️Versailles tour takes place!

Author Joe Start on panel of TV talk show

They also showed a teaser about my Père Lachaise 👣 tours on @VoiceMap and allowed me to speak about my book📕 French License.

Fellow expats @Paula Branco and @Tony de Souza shared their creative activities and adaptation stories. Paula runs a very active Internations group with events for expats, and she’s been kind enough to invite her members to several of my in-person tours.

A big thanks to the host 📽 @Alex Viguier and her colleagues at @TV78.Officiel for the opportunity, and for supporting programming for anglophones in the Paris region.

To watch, click on the video above, or tune in here: 

Behind the scenes…

Laughing in the green room

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