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A little about the author, aka JoJo.  After graduating with a journalism degree, Joe Start jumped over to the advertising and marketing side of communications.  His day job has been selling media and technology in the US and Europe for more than a dozen years, lately with startups.

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Write-ups and reviews for The Chairfather book and tours.

FUSAC book corner for May 17: “A collection of quirky photos and odd but insightful snippets of conversations with the great French men and women who are buried in this historic cemetery. Joe is on a first name basis with them, informal, probing and a tad insolent.

 The Chairfather on The Earful Tower

I’m cracking up through the book!  It’s a totally fun and informative read!” -Adrian Leeds of Parler Paris

I read your French License book in 2018 before I moved from the US to France and found it most helpful. In fact, I keep it in my car and still use it as reference from time to time. ” -Stephen MCRAE

FUSAC book corner takes French License for a test-drive 

Rainy Day Reads

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