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Happy Chanukah from Bleu!  Yamika, shmamika.  Bleu knows that any old head covering will do.  And that’s the way Bleu likes to roll, any old way that suits him!

Here’s one tune which always gets him rolling, from Klezmer to funK to Kountry and rocK and back again.  You Kan’t sit still!


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Although Bleu didn’t come over on the Mayflower, he snuck in under a pilgrim chapeau on a subsequent trip.  He was fleeing persecution for his beliefs, which are “I get whatever I want, whenever I want.”  Thanksgivingly, his new home has enabled Bleu to live his lifestyle choice to the fullest.

For your reading pleasure, here’s an article which appeared this week in the USA Today with a picture from fellow author and expat Jeff Steiner:

Thanksgiving in Europe: Good luck finding a turkey and all the trimmings


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Bleu’s clues for surviving eclipse

Paint it, Bleu.  Here’s how the French License mascot will counter the Sun being blotted out of the sky…

Bleu, who is an existentialist, says “No, ze eclipse is not a sign ze world is coming to an end.  Ze world ended long before ze eclipse.”

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