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Thanks for your interest in contacting me!   I’m joe at startgoingplaces dot com

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Help with purchases of Books:

As a paying customer of mine, you are my priority and I want to help you as fast as possible! To help me get back to you ASAP, please put Purchase/Help in the subject line and I will usually reply within 48 hours.

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Inquiries about professional speaking

I am always happy to consider professional speaking opportunities. Please put Speaking Engagement in the subject line. For further details, look for the appearance calendar.


Request to interview me or media requests in general

I am always happy to consider interviews about my books or writing, publishing or book marketing. Please put Interview Request in the subject line.


Guest post submissions

Start Going Places does accept a limited number of guest post submissions if they’re on topic and written to professional standards. I’d be more interested if you have your own site/blog reaching a similar audience where we each could guest post.


Permission to use an article from this website.  Thank you for asking!

Please note that the free articles on this site are Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial licensed, so you may not use them without attribution or sell them or use them on a site which sells other products. The books, services and other products that I sell from this site are Copyright material so you may not distribute those without specific permission.

If your site meets those requirements, you are welcome to publish an excerpt with comments as long as you link back to the original page on


Please don’t send me any of these: Press releases, manuscripts, link exchanges, buying links or offers for my business.  I don’t review manuscripts or accept books for review and I’m not able to read your book or your writing.


Thank you!

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