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Start here!  That’s not an order, it’s an introduction.  Hello.  Start here, Joe Start.  I’m an author.  More on that later.

And what’s your name?  I’m sorry, I didn’t get that.  Could you spell it?  There’s a handy-dandy form you can use to write your full e-mail name, so I get it right the next time.

I’m the guy who wrote French License.  The cover looks like this: Pretty goofy, huh?  Well, I can tell you it’s been no picnic trying to get my own driver’s license in France.  Did you like the movie ‘The Hangover?’  How about ‘After Hours?’  Do you like to watch characters bumble from error to error?  Good, at least my suffering might make you laugh.

Speaking of picnics, I had lunch with 50 prostrate personalities. I put the silly pics and text in my second book, called The Chairfather:

Let me know what you thought, here on my site, and on Goodreads, and help guide others in their deliberations by reviewing on Amazon.

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