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4th of dually

In honor of America’s Independence Day, I pulled this picture from my archives.

Did you ever see something so out of place that you had to stare?  We’re in this medieval town of Riquewihr, in Alsace.  Go ahead, say it.  In Alsace.  Get it out of your system.  In Alsace.  Joe was in Alsace!

Anyway, it’s a quaint little village that time forgot, with cobblestone streets and tiny shops.  It’s Easter.  Metal eggs are hung from the trees like they do in Germany.  Families are out for a quiet stroll.  Turning the corner, I see this thing.

Now, pickup trucks are unheard of in France.  But a dually?  Some local must’ve had a thing for US muscle.  His ride was big and loud and had the American flag painted on the side in big long stripes.  I barely had time to get out the camera and snap this before his mufflers thundered by.

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