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Paperback writer

That new car smell!  That new book smell!  Now, introducing, that new car book smell!

French License is now available in paperback!

It’s 290 pages of pure adrenaline.  Well, one chapter of adrenaline (#39), and many laughs along the way.  Here’s how you can order a physical copy, to put behind your glass bookcase under lock and key, next to your fuzzy dice, with halogen lights shining brightly on the cover for all your friends to admire:

Buy on eStore by CreateSpace

Once you’ve read French License, please let me know what you thought on Goodreads, and help guide others in their deliberations by reviewing on Amazon.

Links to celebrate:

Paperback writer video by Beatles who seem to wish they were somewhere else reading a book

Bookshop Sketch (at last the 1948 show)



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