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The Day the Earth Stood Still

This is the only sign I’ve seen in the run-up to the Parisian carmageddon.  As usual, mayor Hidalgo feels no obligation to help drivers to prepare for the ‘day without cars’ in Paris.  Is there any information on the Péripherique ring road?  Not to my knowledge.  Are there public parking lots just outside the city limits, convenient to public transportation heading into Paris?  No.  Are there extra suburban busses ready to whisk you to a train station?  Nope, regular schedule for an ‘off’ day, meaning zero busses for most areas.

Ms. Hidalgo thinks that anything that happens outside of Paris isn’t her problem.  She cascades her agenda to the surrounding area, affecting a population 5x that of the city of Paris.

I must drive near Paris on the evening of Oct. 1 and I’ll update this post the following day with my experience on the suburban roads.


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