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Happy V-Day Héloïse and Abelard

Ah, love!  Such a wonderful feeling.  What wouldn’t we give up for love?

Well, I for one wouldn’t give up what Abélard did!  It was involuntary, but quite permanent.

The main reason why we know his story, nearly 1 000 years later this Valentine’s Day, is because of the love letters he and his beloved Héloïse sent to each other.  Circumstances split them up, hundreds of miles apart, each retrenching into a celibate life of the cloth.  But, man, them robes and habits never stopped their hearts from pounding for each other!  In repressive medieval times, they wrote passionately about their desires.  There’s such feeling in those texts, how they struggled with their vows to God, while acknowledging their carnal thoughts.  Ho, baby!  Theirs was the best-selling harlequin novelette of the 12th century.  Steamy!

What did Abélard lose?  I’ll let you in on his dirty little secret on my @VoiceMap tour of the Père Lachaise cemetery.  Download it here:

See funny pictures and text from our picnic together in The Chairfather book.

The passed have never been more alive!

Book a lunch date with the fallen famous NOW!

Or later…

Really, it doesn’t matter. Their agendas are quite open.

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