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Saint Joseph’s day

The Catholics really know marketing.  Before loyalty cards, they invented the concept of the ‘Saint day.’  Every saint has one, and most of them match common first names.  So, unless you have an offbeat name like Moon Unit, or Dweezil, that means, if you’re catholic, you have a Saint day, too!  You’re celebrated on your birthday and your Saint Day!  Do you get TWO birthdays as a buddhist?  I don’t think so!

Today is Saint Joseph.  While not a catholic, I do live in France, which upholds the tradition.  So, I’m allowed to usurp the day (and the accolades).  No, you don’t need to get me a present, but downloads, likes and reviews for my tours and books are welcome!

I like my name.  It’s versatile, with lots of spellings and diminutives like Joe, Joey, Jo-Jo, but never just ‘Jo.’  The French always want to turn me into a girl with that spelling, which I only accept on Saturday nights 😉  When they do include the ‘e,’ they say ‘Joé’ which is pronounced like ‘Joey.’  While kinda screwy in French, my name sounds good in English, and is pretty universal around the world: José, Josef, Giusseppe, Yusuf and Yossef.

Although Joseph did have the most irrelevant role in the Bible, he definitely deserves Sainthood in my book.  While many of us consider the ‘Good News’ as just that, imagine Joseph’s reaction to learning that his wife was pregnant…

“So, honey, Mary, let me get this straight. We haven’t laid together yet, and you’re already pregnant? You ask me to take it on faith that you haven’t been with anyone else? How does that even work? And this child which isn’t mine, you expect me to raise him, feed him, and teach him my trade? Uh, well, OK.”

As a last note, a kind of ‘drop the mic and walk off the stage’ moment, I challenge ANYBODY to come up with a better all-time baseball lineup, all with the same first name:

  • P- Joe McGinnity
  • C- Joe Mauer
  • 1B- Joe Adcock
  • 2B- Joe Morgan
  • 3B- Joe Sewell
  • SS- Joe Tinker (to Evers to Chance)
  • OF- Joe Dimaggio
  • OF- Joe Medwick
  • OF- Joe Jackson aka ‘Shoeless’

Manager- Joe Torre.  By the way, on the bench I got Joe Garagiola, Joe Carter, Joe Girardi, Joe Kelley, José Rijo and Jersey Joe Stripp!  Don’t mess with Joe!

Only one personality on MyVoiceMap audio tours of the Père Lachaise cemetery has the first name ‘Joseph,’ and that’s just one of his three first names.  No bother, THIS Joseph visits all of them, and so if you wanna hear the goofy things I have to say about Hugo or the other 50 personalities I had lunch with, check this out:

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The passed have never been more alive!

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Really, it doesn’t matter. Their agendas are quite open.

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