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Paris Beer Week: O’Clock

In honor of Paris Beer Week, I’m starting a new series: my favorite brews from the region of Paris, aka ‘Ile-de-France’ or IDF. Most of the beers I’ll share are from one ‘département,’ the Yvelines.

People from other major metropolis areas are always amazed to find how much of the Paris region is rural farmland. I’m at an end of the line train station, only 45min from Paris, in a village of 4 000 people, surrounded by forests and wheat fields. Much of the outlying areas are like this, and so this is a huge producer of flour and grains, but also hops, barley and yeast. All the ingredients are in our backyard to make beer.

Recently, an explosion of micro-breweries have popped up, from only a handful a decade ago to 52 today. And now, craft beer even has its own festival. I haven’t been, but I have visited a number of these breweries in-person. The first I’d like to tell you about is O’Clock.

What time is it? It’s beer o’clock! It’s beer:30! We’ve all heard that expression many times, and now it’s official. The O’Clock Brewery must have the most eclectic and diverse brews in all of IDF. They make more than two dozen different beers, from light white to kick your ass flavorful Jamaica Sound Clash (really, you’ll have a hard time finishing one). The labels are playful and retro.

They specialize in IPA, which outright eliminates 20 of their beers for me. I can’t stand the bitterness of pale ales. However, they make some lovely stouts and darker beers. My favorites are Stout Toujours, Baden Baden, and the stout/cognac mix they produce. On a chillier day, nothing’s better to warm your insides. Later in the week, I’ll have some Summer brews to share. Meanwhile, go here to get some suds:

O’clock brewing

3 rue Georges Méliès, Bois-d’Arcy (next to Leroy Merlin)

You can taste this beermaker and many more at Paris Beer Week. Go to the website and check out the events through Sunday.

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