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Happy B-day Chabrol

Happy Birthday Claude Chabrol, a real killa dilla. He liked to film ordinary middle-class characters doing horrible things like murdering each other. It’s surprising at the end of each film that there was anybody left! Capra liked to show that there’s good in all of us. Chabrol says there’s also bad in all of us. At your next ying-yang party, why not show their films back-to-back?

I’ll guide you to his final resting place on MyVoiceMap audio tours of the Père Lachaise cemetery, and tell stories from his life.

See funny pics and text from our picnic together in The Chairfather book.

The passed have never been more alive!

Book a lunch date with the fallen famous NOW!

Or later…

Really, it doesn’t matter. Their agendas are quite open.

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