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Le Gai Rossignol bookstore in Paris now carries The Chairfather funny photo book

So, I’m wandering in the Marais, and I happen upon the Gai Rossignol bookstore. They have lots of maps and travel guides and photo books outside to entice tourists. Many out-of-town folks happen by, because it’s close to the City Hall and cool sites.

Knowing they’re a sister store to Le Merle Moqueur, I pop in and ask if they’d be interested in carrying The Chairfather which is popular among tourists. The bookstore is very welcoming and they agree.

I’m filling out the paperwork, and noticing they have lots of quirky gifts, gags and impulse buys to bring a smile. I’m about to leave when I notice that my book is right next to another, called “The Big Penis Book.” In fact, that title’s cover art is literally pointing its business at me.

Who knows, maybe it’ll drive traffic. You can check out both here:

Le Gai Rossignol
9 rue Saint Martin
75004 Paris


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