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Brentano’s bookstore in Paris now carries The Chairfather funny photo book and French License a tragicomedy travel memoir

Brentano’s is BACK!
The iconic shop on the Avenue de l’Opera was for many, many years, one of the top sources of English-language literature in Paris. Then, due to an ownership change, they got rid of the books, and concentrated exclusively on souvenirs for tourists. It does make sense, because the location gets tons of foot traffic from travelers on one of the most beautiful Haussmannian streets, with wide sidewalks inviting you to stroll.
But those of us who stayed, and others who remember the Brentano’s brand as a sure-fire destination to get books in our mother-tongue, were saddened to see the books go. Well, today they’re back in force, with thousands of titles. Your favorite authors from back home mix with locals like me.

Now, at the shop, you can get your French License and accept an offer you can’t refuse from The Chairfather ! If you find them among the wide selection displayed in these photos, let me know, and I’ll send you a personalized message with an authentic electronic signature! How’s that for a souvenir?


37 Avenue de l’Opera

75002 Paris


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