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In Good We Trust

Why didn’t I hear about this shop before?  Probably because it opened just last year.  I’ve been a customer of American-style general stores in Paris like the Real McCoy, but usually in November, when price is less a consideration than getting THE right stuff(ing) for a Thanksgiving dinner.  The rest of the year, I can survive without a $10 box of Fruit Loops.

Yes, they have all the junk food, cereals and sodas we Americans grew up with.  But the big surprise is all the stuff from artisan producers that I’ve never heard of.  Craft beer brewers.  Small batch sauces and toppings.  Specialty soda fountain drinks.  And reasonably priced wines like zinfandels which are either hard-to-find in Paris, or cost an arm and a leg.  This shop has done a fine job of curating unique items.  Well worth the trip, you’re sure to discover a new favorite.

Go by and check them out.  They just opened for the day.  Yes, they’re open on Sunday!  What a country!

In Good We Trust

Métro Châtelet – Les Halles

67 Rue Quincampoix, 75003 Paris
Tel : +33 1 40 27 91 87

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