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Paris Beer Week: Vexin

We’re down to the Top 2 of my favorite craft brewers from the Paris region, and the ‘Beer from Vexin’ isn’t a secret for anyone anymore. They’ve won so many awards, they certainly don’t need my help.

If you’ve never tried it, you absolutely have to. Everything they do is so refined, with good flavor without being too rich. Their speciality is a beer mixed with honey, called the ‘V√©liocasse’ which is simply lovely all year ’round, but especially now in hot weather. It has just the right touch of sweetness, but remains fully ‘beer’ flavored, and pleases monsieur and madame equally. I also adore their amber beer, ‘La Vexinoise.’

They brew on the premises of a farm that I’d highly recommend visiting. The barn has hops dangling from the awnings, and the entire place is imbued with beer culture. On the weekend, you can sit outside, and enjoy lunch and a beverage. Their beer is found in supermarkets all over the region, but the farm is the only place you can buy in bulk. You won’t want to take a chance that your local grocer is out of Vexin beer, so fill your trunk.

Go here to get some local suds:

Biere du Vexin

Croix des ruelles, 95450 THEMERICOURT

You can taste this beermaker and many more at Paris Beer Week. Go to the website and check out the events through Sunday.

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