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Paris Beer Week: La P’tite Soeur

#1 in my favorite brews from the Paris region: La P’Tite Soeur

Let’s keep it in the family. ‘The Little Sister’ is my go-to beer of choice in the Paris region, if not the world. Even before you try it, it charms you. Let’s first look at the significance of the name. La petite soeur refers to your second beer. It’s like telling the barman ‘I’ll have another, just like the first one.’ I love that expression!

Second, the label: it’s so gosh-darn cute! All bottles have the same little rascal sticking out her tongue and making a face at you, but she may be blond, or red-headed, or brunette depending on the contents. How cool is that?

And what contents! Flavorful, with a thick head when poured into a mug. It just hits the spot every time. I have a penchant for la Rousse, which strikes the perfect combination of taste, smoothness and alcohol content. She may look like a pest, but it’s all a game, she’s nothing but fun!

Speaking of family, Father’s Day is coming soon. I really really like this beer. Yep, I can’t think of a better present to give a dad than some bottles of this beer. Pop one open with your poppa. Did I mention Father’s Day?

Go here to get some local suds:

La P’tite Soeur sells directly to the public Friday and Saturday

165 boulevard de la république, 78500 Sartrouville


You can taste this beermaker and many more at Paris Beer Week. Go to the website and check out the events through Sunday.

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