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The Chairfather funny photo book now available at the Père Lachaise métro kiosk in Paris

As you emerge from underground at the Père Lachaise métro station, you immediately spy two things: a café and a kiosk. The café is called the Brasserie au Rond Point, and it’s everything you want in a traditional French bistro from the belle epoque. I like to go there for a ‘démi’ or half-pint beer and a ‘croque madame’ or grilled ham & cheese sandwich. I prefer it to the ‘croque monsieur’ because the ‘madame’ comes with a sunny-side-up egg on top. The Brasserie has honored many of the Père Lachaise residents with collages. They’ve put a lot of care and creativity into these little ‘windows’ to the lives of the personalities. The one above is for my favorite ‘locataire’ Georges Méliès.

Now that your belly is full, you’re ready to grab your guide and head out for a lovely walk while listening to amazing stories. Just across the street is the entrance to the Père Lachaise cemetery. On the island in-between, you’ll find one of those distinctly Parisian kiosks selling magazines, newspapers, and sometimes books. It’s very popular for tourists who want a street plan of the city, or seek the latest showtimes for theater, concerts and cinema.

However, some less-informed vacationers go there asking for a map of the cemetery…

Didn’t they read my blog post about the 5 kinds of folks you meet at Père Lachaise?!?! Don’t be Dora the Explorer!

Now, they don’t have to, because the kiosk sells my book, The Chairfather! Inside the book, they’ll find links to my VoiceMap tours. Visual and audio, together, now that’s what I call a prepared pedestrian!


67 boulevard de Menilmontant
75020 Paris

Brasserie au Rond Point

65 boulevard de Menilmontant

75011 Paris

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