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The Chairfather funny photo book now available at the Gambetta kiosk in Paris

Just steps from the Gambetta entrance to the Père Lachaise cemetery, you’ll find one of those distinctly Parisian kiosks selling magazines, newspapers, and sometimes books. It’s very popular for tourists who want a street plan of the city, or seek the latest showtimes for theater, concerts and cinema.

However, some less-informed vacationers go there asking for a map of the cemetery…

Didn’t they read my blog post about the 5 kinds of folks you meet at Père Lachaise?!?! Don’t be Dora the Explorer!

Now, they don’t have to, because the kiosk sells my book, The Chairfather! Inside the book, they’ll find links to my VoiceMap tours. Visual and audio, together, that’ll wise them up, and take them right to the sights they want to see, lickety-split! (That last comment wasn’t a reference to Colette, really.)

Get smart at the kiosk!

7 Place Gambetta
75020 Paris

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